How To Remove Skin Moles & Skin Tags

When trying to remove visible blemishes it is important to understand that there are different types of skin and various removal solutions that are available. If you have a skin mole or skin tag that bleeds, grows, or eliminates puss visit a doctor so they can provide you with a medical opinion about whether or not the skin tag or skin mole could be an abcess growth, cyst, or indication of melanoma.

Typically, the removal of skin tags or skin moles is categorized as a cosmetic procedure and is not one covered under most insurance plans. The medical procedures can also become costly depending on how many or how often an individual goes into the doctor’s office to get these blemishes removed. Currently, there are very many people who would prefer that a doctor remove the blemish altogether and so listed below there are medical procedures that a dermatologist recommend to you.

This article will discuss the benefits and limitations of specific in-home remedies, removal products, and minor medical procedures so that you can make an informed decision about which option is the best for your skin. If inflammation around the treated area occurs, it is safe to assume the chosen remedy might not be the most effective for your particular skin type.

Skin Tags
Skin tags are small benign tissues that hang off of the skin. Oftentimes, they resemble a pigment colored raindrop attached to the body. They are commonly found near high friction areas on the body such as the armpits, back, neck, or groin areas that often rub against other skin, hair, or clothing.

Home Remedies-
Apple Cider Vinegar: For best results, soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and apply a small appendage over the area to lock in the moisture. After about 10 minutes wash the area and let the skin air dry in order to avoid irritation. This remedy works on because the liquid’s acidic composition causes the skin tags to shrivel and disappear. The process may take up to three to six weeks in order for the skin tag to diminish.This recommendation is not the best solution for those with sensitive skin because irritation or slight bleeding may occur.

Nail Polish: Apply clear nail polish to the affected area and place a bandaid on the area afterward. Repeat this two times a day. Results may begin to appear four to seven days after use. The chemicals in nail polish work to suffocate and tighten the skin around the skin tag. It is important to note that for some people, this solution caused redness and irritation where the polish was applied.

Banana Peel: For people who have skin tags in a sensitive area, placing a banana peel directly on the skin tag can help to dry out the undesired growth. In this case, place a slice of the banana peel with the inside of the peel facing the skin so that the enzymes and ascorbic acid force the skin tag to shrivel. Secure the position of the banana peel with a piece of scotch tape. Repeat this every evening until the growth falls off. The effectiveness of this particular remedy is debated. If the skin tag does not seem to diminish after two weeks of use, then it is recommended that you look into other options that you have available.

Dr. Scholl’s “Action Freeze Away Common and Plantar Wart Remover”: This fast working solution can be compared to an in-home cryotherapy procedure which will be reviewed below. This treatment freezes the affected area, and causes the skin tag to shrivel and eventually disappear. The product may leave a dark scar or scab that fades after a week or so. Ultimately, this is an easy solution for those who do not want to leave a visible trace of the skin tag whatsoever. One drawback of this treatment method is that some people experienced a slight sting with every application. The pain was compared to that of a bug bite.

Undiluted Tea Tree Oil: This remedy can be used by swabbing the area with a cotton ball. This product is very inexpensive and it is the recommended solution for those who have very sensitive skin. For a few people, tea tree oil caused an allergic reaction. If this occurs, cease use and seek medical attention promptly. Tree Tea Oil works works in a timeframe ranging from a few days to a few weeks depending on an individual’s skin type and the size of the skin tag.

TagBand: This product is an ingenious tool that operates like plastic tweezers to place small elastic bands around the skin tags to cut off the areas blood supply. Most users of this product saw results in just a few days.One potential drawback is that the bands cause a slight squeezing pain that was very distracting for a few people. For most people the TagBand treatment did not leave a scar.

Skin Moles
Skin moles are a little different as they occur when groups of cells grow in small clumps and appear to give the skin a raised and darker pigment. There are resources and even mobile apps that evaluate whether one’s mole in question could be diagnosed as a potential indicator for skin cancer.

Home Remedies-
Baking Soda and Castor Oil: This solution requires you to use a half teaspoon of baking powder and only a few droplets of castor oil to create a paste. Stir these ingredients together before applying directly on the skin. Cover the mole in the paste and leave it overnight without covering with a band-aid. The remedy usually causes the mole to fade within two weeks. Baking soda dries the mole out and helps to lighten the skin, castor oil helps to heal the area while the mole is removed.This particular remedy left a small rash on a few people with sensitive skin.

Garlic Cloves: If you think that garlic is only used for cooking and the removal of vampires, well think again. Garlic cloves have been used as an effective method to remove moles. For this method it is recommended to wash the area with soapy water beforehand and to make sure to refrain from placing garlic near any open wounds. Simply crush a clove of garlic until is has become a paste, apply the paste to the mole with the use of a cotton ball, and leave the cotton ball in place with a piece of clear tape. The garlic clove technique may take about three weeks to remove the desired mole. The mole will eventually become a scab, and so it is important to refrain from itching the scab or the area may become inflamed.

Black Salve: Its active ingredient is blood root herbs that prevent scarring. Dab the ointment on the area, cover with a band-aid, and repeat twice daily. This salve works within two weeks and dries the area out until the excess skin falls away. Black salve is very smooth and does not stain the skin. One inconvenience regarding this solution is that the substance is greasy and can stain easily stain light colored clothing.

The Natural Solution H-Moles Formula: This oil benefits many people who have used the product and who attest to its effectiveness. The oil can be applied directly to the skin. One slight drawback for this particular product is the oils have a very strong odor and require repeated use at least three times a day. One way to diminish the smell is to apply the oil directly onto a band-aid and place the appendage on the mole. For most people who used this oil their mole was removed within two weeks.

Frankincense Essential Oil: This is another type of oil that works effectively. Add three to six drops of frankincense to your bath on a daily basis. The oil tightens the surrounding skin and the mole, becomes a scab. This solution prevents scarring and is recommended for people with multiple they want to remove. This solution may take up to six to eight weeks to fully remove the moles using this method.

Spot Eraser Pro, Breett Professional Mole Removal Pen for Dark Spot Tattoo Dot Skin Tag Warts Removal USB”: This product is a corrective set of needles (one larger needle surrounded by 10 smaller ones) that works to lighten dark pigment and the dermal tissue without bleeding. This is a rechargeable product that is commonly used to remove tattoos. Of course, for anyone who is afraid of needles this might not be the their preferred solution. Most people who use the Spot Eraser Pro begin using this product by removing moles in less sensitive areas before moving on to their facial moles. The designers of this product recommend refraining from eating spicy or fatty foods and to resist itching scabs as they form, in order to prevent scarring.

The pain experienced is completely dependent on an individual’s pain tolerance. Some consumers report a slight burning sensation, while others required numbing lotion for the products use. Additionally, the directions are very unclear and many people either begun with a trial and error process, or went online for additional instructions on how to use this product. Lastly, for this particular product, the device may not work once flesh has clogged the space in between the larger and smaller needles. Many people experienced varied results that removed the mole in a four to seven days.

Medical Procedures-
Listed below is a brief summary of the different medical removal techniques healthcare professionals have at their disposal in order to remove skin tags and skin moles. For Electrosurgery and Excision both of these procedures have the same preliminary measures. Before these two procedures begin the doctor will sterilize the surrounding area and inject the middle of the skin tag or skin mole with anesthesia. The area may develop soreness, but you should not feel any pain after the injection.

Electrosurgery: For this procedure the doctor burns off the blemish with intense electrical energy. This is a technique similar to that of laser hair removal. After the skin tag or skin mole has been removed the doctor will briefly cauterize the area and apply anti-scarring cream as well. After this, the treated area may feel sore for a few days. Overall, this process is only a few minutes long. Healing occurs within a few days of the procedure.

Excision: As mentioned above the doctor will begin with preliminary sterilization and anesthesia. Afterward, the doctor will remove the skin tag or skin mole with medical scissors or a scalpel. Depending on the doctor,and the size of the blemish, the physician may cut additional tissue around the undesired area. If the mole or skin tag is enlarged, the medical professional may have to stitch the skin back together following the procedure. There is not a guarantee that scarring will not happen as a result of excision. Excision usually requires two weeks to completely heal.

Cryotherapy: This particular procedure was mentioned earlier in the article and does not require anesthesia. The medical professional will sanitize the skin tag or skin mole before applying liquid nitrogen or dry ice to the area. Cryotherapy may cause blisters and redness to develop in the surrounding areas, which will disappear a few days later leading to smoother skin. Effects of this procedure may include slight pigmentation changes and and may also result in minimal scarring.

Regardless of the removal option(s) you choose, there are a few tips to prevent the development of skin moles or skin tags after their removal. It is recommended that you use sunscreen regularly before being exposed to direct sunlight for more than 10 minutes, seeking shade while outside midday, and wearing sun protective clothing when going outdoors.

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